Using my new dashboard from previous rant already and came across this, sounds really creepy and doesn't even pay well for 550$

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    @Bitwise There is a lot of cheap labor out there, plus someone may have already built something similar and could modify it a bit for this particular use.
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    @CozyPlanes looks like upwork.com

    A Google search will give you the answer.
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    @CozyPlanes it's my own dashboard fetching things from upwork, theres not a public link for it :)
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    @Bitwise as my doppelgaenger (😅) already said, there might be someone that can just copy paste, but nobody is going to do it from scratch, also it should get flagged for suspicious posting anyway
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    @Bitwise yeah I thought I did too, might be time for a shirt change, shave or something 😁
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