I have a changed a project that has many many many bugs because of outdated code that kept it from working. In the process, I changed the structure of some feature implementations in order to get the application to work again. Can this be considered refactoring, or is it just a special kind of bugfixing?

Also, can I call something a rewrite even though I'm not actually writing anything, just using a GUI environment to create the same functionality again?

I need this because I'm writing about what I'm doing for my university and I can't find it on google - I guess it's opinion based.

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    Imo, refactoring doesn't change the program functionning (read "doesn't add or fix bug or feature"). It just improves readability and maintainability. So in this case I would say you did bug fixing. Now if you did make changes not required to fix the bugs, that's refactoring too.
    As for the rewriting, I didn't understand you well enough to have something to say about it.
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    @Brosyl well, this is just an example, but let's say I have a program that can be recreated by putting 3 formulas into an excel table. would that be rewriting?
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