first successes at the MyLeak project :)

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    Is it like a database crawler/exfiltration tool?
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    Not at all, it is an Information database for hacked data.

    Like haveibeenpwnd with more data types and other advanced functions
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    @str4in Oooh, shiny ! How about a link ?
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    Website is not ready and connected to the Server Application yet. Will be reachable at https://www.MyLeak.de/
    I think the Design will also change.

    I am working alone at the project and I am no Website Designer ;D
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    @str4in Bookmarked it, will look forward to it ! Good luck :)
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    Thank you very much😊
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    @str4in nice, is it open source?
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    @JKyll no it is not but I planned a free REST interface :)
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