Can we do that??? 😶

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    Technically yes. He didn't get paid so the paper they signed falls now so yeah I think so.
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    Like any other bug, if it's well documented under the risks and continuity plans and your client sign for that... Yes you can and you will enjoy doing it
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    Well his work looks cool, just checked his github
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    I assume there wasn't any specific contract because if it was wouldn't the developer be able to sue the employee for breaking the contract?

    Also open sourcing this wouldn't allow the employee to just use the code and hire some cheap beginner?
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    @echonox not paying already violates the contract so I don't think that'd be an issue
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    @echonox true, but it also means the clients compitotors will have complete access to business rules/logic. Depending on the project and its complexity much of the business plan could now in effect be free for all.

    It could irrevocably damage the business if the correct competitor used that knowledge correctly.
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    I would include the database secrets in the code. 😈
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    @maushax as a developer I don't care if the project is launched or not I still spent my time developing that
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    @Teknas also all the API keys and 3rd party sign in passwords 😂😂
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    We use open source softwares, who is lost in transmission... Vuejs
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    If client is good at paper work he may have clause on the not paying or pay bit later thing. But if the person used clients resources or any license they can still have a legal stand.
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    In Germany the contract is not broken if the customer not pays. You just have a due you can get a title on.
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    I don't know if this is the correct english word for this. It means you can rip the owed money of his bank account with the law on your side.
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    I definitely upvote this. Some clients really deserve this
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    The client violated the contract by not paying. So yeah, it's legal
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    Well there is no contract? The client breached the contract first so I think he's good to do anything with the system.
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    @DataJockey I think the word you’re looking for is “judgment”. Basically, you have the ourts declare that someone owes you a specific sum, opening up certain options for collecting the debts from their known assets.
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    @Kaji yepp, that's it. Thx.
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    Surely if you don't get paid then there is no contract.
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    Sad that people like this actually ducking exist where they waste time we cannot get back, I would of done the same shit duck that! Quack! 🦆
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    Well you can, but be sure to remove all your branding prior to open sourcing, so you don't have to email your forks to rename and pull commits.
    Was fun for me not him I guess :D
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    In your face, client.
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    I think he can
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    If there's no contract, yes.
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