I was excited to get back to work on a major project today. I was thinking in the shower, on my bike, on the train, on the walk from the train to my office, on the elevator, about how I would approach it and came up with a good plan. Again, I was excited.

Then, on our standup call, a dude says he needs access to the util server I manage, and just happens to not know shit about Linux. So I spend the next hour and a half walking him through simple SSH commands, and completely lose my train of thought for the project I was planning to tackle.

Now, I'm seething on the toilet, hoping to reset.

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    Offices should have showers. I always find answers mid shower lol
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    Damn im already tired after reading about ur commute
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    I love it! If it's raining or snowing, I work from home.
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    I would never give access to someone who needs babysitting on basic Linux commands.
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