“Hey, thanks for accepting my request we have a role you might be interested in.”

Sure, happy to move forward

“Great you just need to a complete a Technical test”

How long is the recommend time?

And I quote:

“It’s entirely up to you how much time you spend on this task. I’ve seen tasks done in 45 mins with minimal effort previously. I’ve also seen others take a week on it. Totally your call”


...so you contact me to offer me a role and want me to invest up-to 1 week on a technical when I’ve not even visited your offices. How about no.

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    How about yes, and take the best reasonable time possible.
    From my perspective that's a simple test and might surprise you.
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    @Billcountry Agreed. Give it a try, and if it takes longer than you're willing to spend, then throw in the hat
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    @Billcountry @illusion466 Really?

    I’m in the middle of a technical at the moment for a role I actually want. Which will take several days.

    You’re happy do the tests for random roles, blindly? Do you not think you need to invest your time wisely? Is it not their role to convince first you that their company is somewhere you want to work?
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