Saw this on the interwebs. Left: customer. Right: employee.

The left one looks like a nice type of customer-person though.

I like to imagine that the employee-guy does not understand why the computer is not working, at which point the customer-person says: "Oh, I can fix that."

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    actually happened to me once, had to buy a gift and the cashier computer didnt work so i fixed it, got a discount for that.
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    I know someone who everytime they go to make a large deposit at the bank, they dress like shit just to see how the bank teller treats them.

    The teller's mood changes in about half a second when they realize the size of the deposit.
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    look at his posture, he is *totally* comfortable with the situation :D
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    Oohhh. I bet it goes like this:

    So this is O'Reilly... An auto parts store. So, looking at the employee, he's not likely going to be a trained mechanic. Chances are, he's just trying to make some cash. So you've got the customer here, who's looking like its not his first time fixing a car. Wouldn't say a professional mechanic that works at an auto shop, but knows how to fix his own car.

    Basically, my guess is the customer is trying to help the employee find the part he's looking for, because the employee is clueless and just wanted a retail job.
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    I'm pretty sure that he only wants to help. But it also very likely goes against the store policies. The employee could get into trouble.
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    @Stuxnet yes. I work on cars as a hobby and when I’m in the parts store I always make sure to check every partnumber. The clerk got a bit fussy the first time but after a few minutes of talking he realized ibwouldnt be coming back exchanging parts all day.
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