How do I convince the manager in IT to allow me to use a Linux computer?!

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    Good luck...in worse case ask for your own VM
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    Tell him about "Ransomware attack"
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    In case the manager don't know what linux is.... forget it.
    It all depends on the independnce of the dev team - if the IT can dictate what hardware/os the devs can use, your fucked, other way around you are golden. talk to your manager.
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    Just make up a story

    Like that the Blockchain inside the artificial intelligence of Linux evaluates to an increase of the agile development you can do
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    You don't.
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    If you know what youre doing, explain in money terms why linux is better for you.

    If you just wanna be on linux to be on linux or you need adjustments/ patches because feature X of your companies software doesnt work on linux, forget it.
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    Will be tough if you're a .net developer 🙃 jokes aside, it depends on who is actually managing your network and hardware, might be that they wouldn't be able to maintain the security of both anymore with your device on it, since with e.g. a windows only network they can just globally push new updates etc.
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    @incognito take my money
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    @JoshBent the problem with this aurgument however is that linux can be attached to an active directory server, and it can access shared drives. And when it comes to security updates Linux is generally much better at it than windows is.
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    @gitlab I've only once or twice had the fun with attaching a linux device to a windows only network and can definitely say it's not as easy as you're trying to make it sound, it's clearly more setup, would need a highly likely windows only admin to figure out linux, figure out how to push updates whenever theres some node changes, how to get a general health report across the network, maintain the system up to date and not broken by verifying packages, how to get notifications of intrusion etc. and all that just for one guy that wants to break out of standard.. to.. use linux?..

    not to mention we are talking about company property here most likely, where e.g. even a usb stick has to have network wide rules set in place to not be allowed, good luck with tons of rules that can't be set on linux from that windows network, forcing the administrator to hunt that one guy down, just because he wanted to have that arch logo flashing neofetch in rainbow colors
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    @JoshBent depending on on the companies rules yes this may be a headache, however it's a more lax company who actually expects their developers to be able to use their computers and treats their employees like adults it should be a non-issue
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    @JoshBent dot net core...?
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    @linuxxx isn't the same
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    @JoshBent .net core is cross platform with Linux support
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