The shortcut for opening chrome history on mac is ⌘Y

Why the fuck would anyone do this? Because when I want to open history, the first letter that comes to my mind is Y obviously.

Also, why is downloads J? Who comes up with these shortcuts?

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    It has always been that way m8.
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    I agree with download option with Ctrl+J.

    As stupid as it seems.
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    @Linux Stoppppppppppp.
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    Because OS’s being OS’s don’t like multiple shortcuts bound to one keyset, so to make sure yours are unique from the system shortcuts you throw them on random keys
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    CTRL+J for downloads, because that's where all the Junk you download goes 👍
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    Have you ever considered that it is merely Apple's eloquently passive attempt to judge and question your browsing habits? :o
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    Apples way of being unique...
    Doesn't mean it's all that useful 😂
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    Ctrl + d Is duplicate, deselect, or delete. Always.

    Ctrl + h is sometimes find + replace.
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    @ewpratten Ctrl + D is add new bookmark.
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    @Floydian what??? Why??
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    @ewpratten I don't know why.

    Chrome shortcuts are designed and developed by some rebel.
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    I have started using mac recently. Dont even get me started on command/ctrl/fn/options keys. My mechanical memory is getting all kinds of messed up.
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    Also, I agree downloads is still Ctrl + J on non-macs. But history is still Ctrl + H. I mean why change that?

    By the way, downloads on mac isnt just Ctrl/Command(or whatever fuck that key is) + J. Its Shift + Command + J. You look like a fucking crouching tiger hidden dragon ninja or whatever while pressing these keys.
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    It's actually old ASCII arrow codes.

    Ctrl + J and ctrl + Y are remenants from a long while back, when people used old ASCII commands.

    Many decades back pressing a down arrow produced ASCII code "10" or hexadecimal "0A". There were no ctrl keys and that's all arrow keys were used for.

    Later, arrow keys got their own unique maps to move the cursor. So the DOWN function was moved to Ctrl + J which had the same ASCII value as down arrow.

    Ctrl + J (or) down arrow was LF (line feed)

    I'm guessing ctrl + J was mapped to downloads coz it represented DOWN.

    Fun fact: Some ASCII codes are still in use here and there. In a windows console for example, Ctrl + C is line break. It used to be ASCII ETX (End of text). That's why ctrl c breaks the op even though c has nothing to do with break.
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