The shortcut for opening chrome history on mac is ⌘Y

Why the fuck would anyone do this? Because when I want to open history, the first letter that comes to my mind is Y obviously.

Also, why is downloads J? Who comes up with these shortcuts?

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    It has always been that way m8.
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    I agree with download option with Ctrl+J.

    As stupid as it seems.
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    @Linux Stoppppppppppp.
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    Because OS’s being OS’s don’t like multiple shortcuts bound to one keyset, so to make sure yours are unique from the system shortcuts you throw them on random keys
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    CTRL+J for downloads, because that's where all the Junk you download goes 👍
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    Have you ever considered that it is merely Apple's eloquently passive attempt to judge and question your browsing habits? :o
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    Apples way of being unique...
    Doesn't mean it's all that useful 😂
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    Ctrl + d Is duplicate, deselect, or delete. Always.

    Ctrl + h is sometimes find + replace.
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    @ewpratten Ctrl + D is add new bookmark.
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    @Floydian what??? Why??
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    @ewpratten I don't know why.

    Chrome shortcuts are designed and developed by some rebel.
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    I have started using mac recently. Dont even get me started on command/ctrl/fn/options keys. My mechanical memory is getting all kinds of messed up.
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    Also, I agree downloads is still Ctrl + J on non-macs. But history is still Ctrl + H. I mean why change that?

    By the way, downloads on mac isnt just Ctrl/Command(or whatever fuck that key is) + J. Its Shift + Command + J. You look like a fucking crouching tiger hidden dragon ninja or whatever while pressing these keys.
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