How it would be if Microsoft built cars:

*press break pedal*
Message Box:"Are you sure you want to break?"
Message Box:"Are you sure?"

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    Linux Car:

    *press self-destruct button*
    Car: "Ok let's go. I don't even care"
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    Linux car:

    User:"sudo Break"
    *user flies out trough the windscreen*
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    @dandrei279 controlling the car with "$ sudo su", won't be fun then
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    Working on updates 2/5
    Don't turn off your car!
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    Message Box:"Buy the new Surface Pro"
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    Error: *Windshield became blue and BSOD appears*
    Apparently last mod you added to the car is fucking with the car's engine, so we're restarting the car for you!
    *Car turns off, takes time to turn on with those sounds*
    *Cars turns on*
    *Wild BSOD repeats*
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    32 Minutes until arrival...
    35 Minutes until arrival...
    12 Minutes until arrival...
    8 Minutes until arrival...
    46 Minutes until arrival...

    Error: %PATH% address not found

    *car crashes*
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    brakes.exe stopped working.
    Please wait while notifying Microsoft about this problem.
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