I wonder how an "AI" programming language would look like

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    Probably with lots of 1s and 0s
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    I think it will have an ability to rewrite itself, so it'll be impossible to read or modify already used AI without IDE... i suppose...
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    'Simple' English?
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    assembly ?

    unless something made new chips that were kick ass, 5000% better than ours and it became super ultra mega assembly

    no...it is...forbidden
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    @zlice are you okay?
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    actually, on a more serious note

    ya prolly something more like a syntax language of neuro-linked data

    the "code" would be running on the chip. but as far as thinking goes, we see/hear/input "dog" and certain neurons fire off in combination with others - AI would prolly have a similar event-push thought pattern bc we'd make it.

    so ya, what @floydian said, maybe english, maybe diff "syntax" but i'd guess close to that
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    aqua teen hunger force =p
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