Silver hair is sexy

Also "!dev" and "!rant" are now deprecated in favor of the tagging system.

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    Warning: morons and narrow-minded people can't see tags!
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    deprecated doesn't mean you can't use it...

    One thing I noticed though is now I don't feel as guilty using devRant like Twitter since I can just tag anything using a !Rant category...
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    Rant/Story + !rant = story

    So if you see the rant tag and it says !rant but tells a story, it's a story.
    Your opinion is invalid.

    The silver hair opinion is still valid.
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    @filthyranter It's rant/story if it passes a certain amount of characters, I believe. Rant alone if it does not. @dfox?
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    @AlgoRythm Would be odd.
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    Rant/story is a specific post type. Meaning it can be a rant or a story, which tend to be close in actual form/content a lot of times which is why they are together.

    Character count is for our actual stories feature - which simply lists our long-form rants that tend to be in story format.

    But yeah, in general we want to deprecate !rant and just let the rant type account for both rants and stories.
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    @dfox But... Is silver hair sexy?
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    Depreciation is depreciated in favor of doing whatever the hell you want.
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    Silver hair is too sexy!
    Especially salt and pepper style 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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    @ceee very sexy
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