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    This is bollocks.

    Php itself is absolutely fine. Especially php 7 coupled with a nice modern OO framework like symfony or laravel.

    The problem is a lot of php developers are shit. The language and the framework is absolutely great.

    I code in PHP with Laravel AND C# with .net and they are honestly pretty much the same syntactically and structurally
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    @SSDD but the main difference there is that php by design doesn't enforce separation of concern. In contrast something like python or c# where you're actively encourage to use a good and solid framework with good ui practices.

    With php you have something like twig, in c# you most of the time have xaml (for desktop and mobile), in node you have handlebars and many others,and in python there's something too which I don't know what is called. However, php is the only one where the ui element is build in in such a way that it ends up being more confusing.

    The same for routing. The approach php has with targeting every file and running them isn't just confusing, but also dangerous when done wrong.

    Double thumbs up to you for using larval 👍👍
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    Apart from mainting legacy code or wordpress, I don't understand why anyone would use php over Node.js or Python.

    C#- for windows specific stuff, I understand.

    Java/Kotlin - For enterprise software and Big data.

    Node.js - For pretty much anything php ruby and Python can do.
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    @Chlodovechus Lets agree to disagree on that.
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    @SSDD I am also a PHP Developer... I feel personally attacked by the online Dev communites a lot.
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    @OkayDev Hobby php dev here, yeah I fucking hate that too.
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    @inaba in .net the templating engine is called “razor” and is almost identical to twig (symfony) or blade (laravel).

    Also, routes, controllers and models all work in exactly the same way too.
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    @SSDD That sounds rather nice, actually
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    I cant fucking stand the $ prefix, it makes me sick and with suicidal tendencies.
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    You know what else I know? This is a joke/meme not tagged as joke/meme.
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    @Chlodovechus why C# for windows specific stuff?

    C# with .net is a great for web apps.
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    @OkayDev I feel you.

    I’m a nickelback fan and a php dev. How the fuck do you think I feel?
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    Why should I use .Net as backend for web apps when I can use Node or Python?
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    @Chlodovechus why should you use node or python when you could use C#\.net or PHP\laravel?

    I’m being facetious, the point is, use what you want to use. They are all valid and excellent tools.

    A bad attitude is to say that everyone should use “X” because that’s the one you like.
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    @Chlodovechus dotnet is fast as hell. And it's pretty nice to work with,at least for desktop apps. It also scales pretty well
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    @SSDD I love PHP, but laravel is not all that impressive. It is very limiting and utilizes a lot of anti-patterns. It is good for rapid-prototyping and that's about it. It doesn't even come close in comparison to Symfony or ZF2/3
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    Php dev: *lives*
    Me: yeah, thats a bad idea *ends life*
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