What the fuck?

Yea, lets give the (in my opinion corrupt) police the full power to do just about everything - Oh and if you are not christian, bad for you we also put crosses everywhere you look now.

WHAT IN THE FUCKING FUCK? Why in the flying fuckworld is it possible to do such changes to the law without listening to "intelligent" (intelligent == people with a bit of common sense) people?

Same happened when europe wanted to give robots basic human rights (luckily they gave up on that after scientists wrote a paper)

This REALLY isnt a world I want to live in.

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    And that's why Bayern is now on my "I don't think I will move there" list. It's funny, because Kardinal Marx (Bishop of Munich) putting crosses everywhere.
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    I hand you over a 🗡 go, end your miserable existence... 😬😵
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    I tried reading it but it seems to be an interview. What exactly happened?
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    @billgates basically there’s a new police law in Bavaria which allows total surveillance.

    By the way, let me just summon our privacy guy: @linuxxx. Just curious what he thinks
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    @RantSomeWhere define total surveillance? They can now knock down your door without a warrant n hack ur phone?
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    @RantSomeWhere Denmark laws much?
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    - take people into custody for an unlimited amount of time
    - search apartments without suspicion or search warrant
    - intercept phone calls
    - claim online data
    - hack into people’s phones or PCs
    - spy on people covertly
    - give all this data to intelligence agencies (in our case that’d be the BND)

    It’s basically what happened during the GDR Times with StaSi
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    That’s kinda scary 😳
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    @fthielen I think actually there are some other names for that... either North Korea, communist dictatorship, or 1984?
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    @FilipeRamalho I meant Kardinal Marx critizices that policy.
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    @RantSomeWhere Not to forget that they can just ask you to give your phone, your pass and then search through your phone.
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    Can't wait for 1984.
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    History repeats.
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    @PrivateGER lens hope rheinland pfalz isnt stupid.

    And lets hope people start voting MLPD
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    @gnulinuxer4fun let us hope the same thing for NRW
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    @gnulinuxer4fun MLPD? Seriously? Why communism?
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    @gnulinuxer4fun Nope, get out of here with communism
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    I little bit of common sense should be enough...
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    @PrivateGER @RantSomeWhere

    not communism - social marxism...

    It stops the entire problems of high selling margins and stops quite some poverty
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    @gnulinuxer4fun Leninism is just exactly the shitty type of pseudo-socialism that has ruined the Russian revolution and stripped workers of their rights.

    Anyone should be able to realize that redistributing the capital to all of the workers is not the same as having an authoritarian state seize it.

    Communism: yay
    Leninism: nay

    Don't vote anything, it's not like those in power will do something to decrease their power. This police law stems from fundamental problems with hierarchies, and voting enables these hierarchies by not getting active yourself but handing the responsibility to a political party.

    But when the party actually gains power, they'll do almost nothing of what they've promised, because it'd be stupid of them. Just look at what happened to the SPD and the German Green Party.
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    @gnulinuxer4fun But hey, at least you didn't say "Vote DKP" 😁
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    @gnulinuxer4fun yeah, we’ve seen what this kind of politics do to countries in the past.
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    @Lahsen2016 You have a point
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