Rant about the Hungarian corruption.
Today I was on a driving test with two others, I was the last one.
They just flat out told us that two of us will pass, the first two who bribe them(the driving instructor and the inspector)
I was the last in line, and both paid before me so I failed my driving test automatically and I have to retake it(because if all three pass, than attention is brought onto the corruption), and even have to pay the fee to be able to retake the exam, and now I will have to bribe them too, so I can pass.
This pisses me off so much, I wish I had alexdelarge as my personal rant writer so he could express my pure anger and hatred.

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    @AlexDeLarge some1 demands your service
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    I remember when i passed my driving test, the examiner was reading a newspaper and having a conversarion on mushrooms. Plot twist, i have no idea about the traffic laws.

    Also bojler eladó
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    @AlexDeLarge That was a good one anyway.
    Next time, we should just make a call to "print(AxelDeLarge.generateInsult())" and consider it done.
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    @sharktits I wish mine was this easy... Lmao.
    Now another month of driving without a license... Fun times
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    @AlexDeLarge hehe, you delivered 👍🏼
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    @danzig666 he always does
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