What's with people and the fizzbuzz problem? I don't get the meltdown tbh
What am I missing?

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    I think it tests your ability to write simple algorithms in code. There shouldn't be anything hard with it. But if there is... then there's a problem.
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    There's more info on the website, but it seems to be for filtering out candidates whom skill is based purely on memory.
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    I just looked it up and it seems that there are just a bunch of different ways to code the solution, so it shows the employer how your mind solves problems and that youre not just scribbling stuff from memory
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    fizzbuzz (int yeet)
    if yeet % 3 == 0 || yeet % 5 == 0
    yeet % 3 == 0 ? Print (fizz): Print (buzz)

    Messy but oh well
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    @StacksStacks and what happens when yeet == 15? You get a wrong result
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    for i in {1..100} ; do


    [[ $((${i}%3)) = 0 ]] && { printf "Fizz"; number=""; } ;

    [[ $((${i}%5)) = 0 ]] && { printf "Buzz"; number=""; } ;

    echo "${number}" ;



    is that the one? IMO it looks neat and works well.
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    It's interesting because it sets the bar so low that it's sitting on the floor, but apparently most developers fail it anyway. Either they write something that doesn't even run or they miss edge cases. Shocking but after having done some interviewing I'm not surprised. We do a simple dev test that tests your ability to read and implement a very basic, straightforward spec and in the last round not a single person submitted something that was on-spec.
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    I’ve had so many candidate not be able to complete FizzBuzz correctly.
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