I think I may start my very own indie game dev studio... For now as a one man army... That’ll be fun.

I guess wish me luck guys!

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

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    Damm it. I was so sure CozyPlanes posted this!
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    Shall I create a list? ;p
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    @LastDigitOfPi *dramatic-sfx.midi*
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    Game Dev here (not full time though). Good luck to you, have fun!

    And as for "what could go wrong: Ask "What couldn't?", the list is way shorter. šŸ˜‚
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    @ilPinguino well you know, all in all it’s a gamble
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    Yes, please do create a list!
    (Says the aspiring game dev)
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    @athlon what FW or technology you plan to use, you have C# in your profile so unity?

    you have a story, what game to create?

    Im just interested what are prerequisites to start with this. Planning to learn C# to start with Unity.

    and good luck!
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    @webdev yeah, I’m going to use C# and Unity. And I got like game concepts for 3 different games as for today.
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    Nah, I'm not gonna try dissuade anyone from trying.

    The main things to beware of though is motivation. The first few weeks, you'll feel like a machine, pumping out result after result. And as a one man army there are many avenues to get the immediate result feeling. But all of that stems from the nature of prototyping.

    Everything from 3D modelling, to system tools (procedural generator perhaps?), will happen very fast to begin with. But literally everything in a publish title needs to go through numerous iterations of redesigns and polishing. It's at that step you really have to be careful of your motivation.

    The unfortunate thing about it is: the clearest step to regaining it, is to make new things, but that merely broadens your scope. Which leads to not only pushing back the inevitable, but creating even more motivation killing tasks.

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    That all being said, nothing teaches you more than attempting every aspect of the development. If anything, don't make the final product your goal for your first game, make learning your goal.

    That way, you can never really fail.
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    @noobxgenesis to be frank, the biggest learning curve for me is level design and difficulty balance
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    Good luck dude! And if you ever feel in need of game design talking, as a fellow passionate, i might be able to help ya! Keep motivated and develop on!
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