Hello World! First post here. I'm literally done with frontend stuff. I want to design code, not to code design. Unless it's Processing. I find it cute. So.. I have a somewhat handy grasp on C++ because of a class in electronics course, Python seems quite easy to catch. I'm totally new to programming. I'd like to get into software, game development and android development (but I would like to do things cross-platform).
Which paths, resources, languages, useful books, videos, or just anything would you recommend?

To be fair, I have no coding friends so mentorship or simply finding code buddies would be great. 💜

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    Welcome to devRant 😊
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    I can't help much in game or mobile development, but @mention me if you have any questions about web development. As for general programming books, The Clean Code is my favourite.

    Also, you now have enough points to create an avatar, so please go ahead and give yourself a face. 😁
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    I gave myself a face. Time to give it a bad name. 😂
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    @fuck2code Thank you! Gotta try them.
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    @Floydian Thank you, everyone seems so nice around here 😊
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    Welcome to DevRant!
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    You have a lot of choices: I'd go for the language you like. Depends if you care for 3d or not too.

    Look here https://github.com/collections/...
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    Protip: For better enjoyment of content, devRant has a category tag scheme. E. G. This is a question, not a rant.
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    don't worry my child, you're in good hands now...
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