Coded from 3am to 8am. 9am meeting ended at 1pm. Received a call while on my way back to office that I need to join 2pm appointment. I had 2 🍌 this morning.

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    I've done that before, it sucks.

    When my boss got the email from my former company they were kicking them from their hosting for hiring me, I couldn't sleep entire night.

    I had meeting all day meeting at the office with the CEO of a multinational company I just became part of.

    Longest 40 hours of my life.
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    @Bitwise lucky I can sleep on weekend :D
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    At least you got your potassium.
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    @TrueOrFalse I'm pretty sure those are bananas :)
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    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
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    @TrueOrFalse quite big to be cock 🤣 and they were too white 😝
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    Sleep is for the weak, I will sleep when I am DEAD
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