My girlfriend sent me this error message from a BIM software which she uses at work. I would like to see more sophisticated error messages from a software with a 4K price tag.

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    I would like to see buttons properly styled and centred in software with a 4K price tag.
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    That error code means she ran out of RAM. If you zoom in on the triangle it tells you.
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    Hammer Time.
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    For $4000 Software I better get another pop up after I click ok that says “HAMMER TIME” or “collaborate and listen”
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    Enterprise software is like that; utter shit for a lot of money. The people who buy it are not the ones who will be using it. Also, it's probably too niche, so there's either no other option, or the other option is just equally fucked up.
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    Usually the charge is for the support. Wouldn't know about this one though
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