Is Wordpress to CMS what Windows is to OS ?

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    No, Windows isn’t the bane of all existence in the world.

    People don’t commit suicide* (as far as I know) over having to work with Windows.

    *unproven facts
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    I think that there might be bigger percentage of people frustrated or tired of using Linux. On Windows a lot of things Just Work, simply because vendors provide drivers and optional software for this system, while Linux sometimes gets nothing or waits for someone to do makeshift stuff that might or might not work. I guess that WiFi, sleep/hibernate/battery and graphics are the most common issues.

    I personally have no problems with Windows and if I do it is because I'm trying to use something that was designed with Linux in mind and Windows port was made as an afterthought.
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    Its more OSX to OS
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    Nvidia graphics drivers.

    I don't think I've ever not had a problem when the drivers update. It always fucks something up. Something almost entirely unconnected usually.
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