I feel like there's a better way to do this 😂

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    Yes.... Even I, the amateur microsoft java dev understands what heresy is it.
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    *vomiting so much
    *still vomiting
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    @UltraJason tfw being forced to use winforms 🤢
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    you can just say FromBytes(255, 255, 255) or any other rgb. any int 0<=x<=255 can be used as byte
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    And pleeeaase don't use Winforms anymore. Microsoft released WPF for this reason. Even better solution would be UWP
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    @julkali It's what Visual Studio generates all by itself. And I would loooooove to be able to use WPF or UWP. But thanks to teachers being teachers and teachers being shit we're forced to use forms :c


    By now we could pretty much write a book about how shit this shit is and how much better it is to use WPF. Two of us in this group have prior programming experience, and then there are two others in our group who doesn't. Fun fact last project we used WPF and, lemme just quote one of the other group members after watching a video of a north English person introducing it: "This makes sooo much more sense".

    Like by now the amount of hacky solutions we have had to make it's so stupid. Like, the concept of pages doesn't exist in forms, and what we have to do is just so messy and not at all clean it's pointless
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    @inaba your vs might have some issues... xD

    also, I recommend you to get resharper. the whole jetbrains suite is free for students, including resharper ultimate and I LOVE IT ^^
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    Windows forms are still usefull!
    Of course wpf is fancier, has more features, compatibility and such but if you only want to create a small app quickly the winforms are the way to go.
    PS. WPF object position system is shit, instead of using location (point)
    it requres marigin! Wth is marigin? You need to calculate everything yourself! I realy dislike it.
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    @Gregozor2121 no. Small or big Wpf is a pain to develop with. Dynamic positioning is so much better than static positioning
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