I once optimized a web page that performed 621 SQL queries and loaded in 21 seconds in a production app.

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    600 queries? Peanuts... I've seen pages running 10.000s of queries in less time 😂
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    @gintko have you ever heard about that magic word called index? 😂
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    Wow! That's too much!
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    If an app needs to run more than 10 queries in order to show up it means that you need to redesign your db.
    In my current job I did the same thing and the loading time from 30+ seconds dropped to ~50 ms.
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    @superuser or change the weird business requirements.
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    621 is way too much for a page. Probably want to bring that down to 420 max. It'll be smokin' then.
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    I knew Chuck Norris had a devrant account!
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    I once optimized a page that would execute 8 queries per store on our site. Some of our users have over 10000 stores :/
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