Python developers starts writing his code with indentation and on multiple lines. Javascript developers look at him and writes the entire script in one line. Php developers looks at python and js developer and starts writing $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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    I found your JavaScript developer. He's the guy on my team who keeps screwing up the code. Pls take him back
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    @hashris could've said me this directly. I didn't like you guys anyway.😫
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    cuz that's where moneyz be at *whoosh*
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    @Klanowicz we don't even have styleguides and such..^^
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    @Klanowicz I do use all that, thanks for the kind words tho.(:
    I was actually just joking with the first comment.
    But still, the code management at work is just horrible. Good thing I'm only working part time there.
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