You turn off the PC.
You went to bed to sleep.
You realized you didn't have dinner.
You are hungry.
You are lazy and tired to get up.
You are in dilemma.
You are pretty screwed.

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    This is pretty accurate for my life
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    Then you realise you forgot to do something important on your PC, so you turn it back on.
    One hour later, rinse and repeat.
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    @Bitwise this may be one of the causes of our burnout :s
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    I often have sleep for dinner.
    It used to be because I was too broke to afford groceries. Now I'm often just too busy working (or get distracted) so I never remember. I can rarely ever tell when I'm hungry, so unless something reminds me to eat... I just don't.
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    @Root if all population on Earth are developers, there will be lesser waste and we will be able to save so many food 🤔
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    And after, you open the fridge and eat the first thing you find.
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    @NotFound it will be lime :s
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    @SoulSkrix @NoMad or lick it, lick it.
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    @CurseMeSlowly or drink it liquid, liquid!

    (it hurts)
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    @NoMad Ah yes. The way real men do it.

    Legit one day I’ll run out of alcohol while debugging and just be like “fuckit imma snort some breadcrumbs, don’t have any more brain cells to lose anyway”
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    This is my life constantly.
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    I ate like 2 hands full of sunflower seeds last night because they were the only thing in the fridge that could be eaten without having to cook something...
    I almost went back to bad hungry and stood in front of the fridge arguing with myself whether I should eat them.
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    Usually i go to bed early. But whenever this happened to me, I just made peanut butter sandwich and gulped it down with coffee (not strong) and went back to work until I was tired again and I got tired real soon.
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