Well, some time in the future, i will have to sit a computer science exam with C#. It can't be that bad, right?


To start off, Visual Studio 2013. Why the fuck someone would use this pile of garbage in 2018. I have no fucking clue why any semi-competent IT department would decide to skip TWO fucking releases of the software and decide, that it's okay to just roll with it. It's okay to not have any updates. It's okay to just no care at all.

I literally brought in my laptop with a VM installed since Visual Studio 2017 is really superior to the crap from 5 years ago just to do my coursework most lessons.


Second issue, you know thoes desks where the monitor is literally under the desk and you get a small little window to see the monitor? Yeah, well I will have to take my proper exam in one of these all over the fucking room. Pic related.

Today we had a mini mock - - it went something like this:
- There was glare from the glsss on the desk because of the lights in the room and literally the monitor itself.
- The glass was beyond fucking pig filthy.
- There was neck pain from my back because i was constantly looking down and bending over the see the screen.
- There was eye strain because the document given to us was a tiny piece of paper with tiny writing and the monitor was far away and the paper was close i couldn't focus my eyes.
- Literally every desk was as bad as the next.
- I did fuck all work because i just couldn't focus because of the things above.
You can tell how great that felt.

If i was in a room with a man (or if it was a woman, let's just pretend she has balls), who was the creator of the room i just described, Hitler, my College's IT staff and other really bad people while having infinite ammo, i would continuously shoot the creator in the balls while not giving a shit about anything else.


Until heat death.

Thanks for reading.

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    I'm sorry to hear that, that's really messed up! But would you prefer this over paper only exam?
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    @mohammed we have them too. :'(
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    @RustyCookie the UK.
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    Who in the name of glorious fuck thinks that having your monitor UNDER the desk would be a good idea to even begin with?
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    @c3ypt1c I guess they are not leaving any chance to make your life more miserable!
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    Try your luck in r/legaladvice
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    @Revenger you know, thats actually not a bad idea now that i think about it.
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    I thought this was an oven
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    Hah! Jokes on you, they don't have balls!
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    For your first point. Unfortunately, get used to it. Many companies, especially the big ones, will not upgrade their tools every years, and you will often be in a situation where your tools are 5 to 10 years behind the last update.

    I never had the last release of vs in all the companies I worked for...
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    As for visual studio, sometimes you have no choice. Our shop still uses vs2010 to maintain our older systems.. shit, sometimes it's VB6.
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    I had to hand write PERL on my systems exam. What are you crying about?
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    There I am wining I have to use a notebook as a second monitor 😁
    Hmm. I suppose this isn't helping you. Sorry for that mate.

    Next week I'm starting at a company using winforms (and wpf). I guess they don't use VS2017...
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    Cool Kitchen!
    I love those burnerless induction cookers, they’re really easy to clean :)
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    @vigidis No. I don't blame them. Upgrading is always a risk.

    We are currently upgrading across several hundreds of dev and several CI servers internationally. Checking that every products are still working , and that every pipeline is still building is a lot of work.

    I was mainly expressing the fact,
    that in this industry, you will not often use the latest tools available.
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    @Etnath @vigidis @segfault0xff I understand that certain companies that can't upgrade. Maybe my anger was misdirected. I'm actually a lot more mad about the desks themselves. :/

    @deusprogrammer i would literally prefer writing C# on paper to taking my exams with eye strain and back ache. Maybe then I'd actually be able to focus on the exam and not the pain.
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    Pffft, amateur.

    You're supposed to LAY on the desk while answering, that way you won't hurt your back and your eye.
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    @c3ypt1c Yeah, the desks look terrible. Good luck with your exam
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    @c3ypt1c yeah man my neck hurts just looking at that setup! 😣
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    @c3ypt1c you’d be surprised by how much your wrist hurts writing a PERL script by hand. And my wrists get plenty of working out if you catch my drift.
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    @deusprogrammer maybe your wrist hurts from doing other things 8)
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    @FunkDelegate that was the joke (wanky wanky motion)
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    @deusprogrammer yeah, I've noticed afterwards. Silly me 8) I owe you one
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