im watching Zuckerbergs hearing in the eupa right now and i already want to punch Zuckerbergs face for his promisses to improve Facebook that should be standard in the first place.

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    He is trying his best, imagine that you have 2 billion people to manage 😐
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    but not restricting third party apps in the first place or not mentioning whos the advertiser and who paid for adds, especially for political ads, is not because its hard to manage facebook but pure greed. but what pisses me of the most is zuckerberg telling a fairytale about the jobs fb created but not paying it taxes probably and praising ai as the solution for allmost all of fbs problems or claiming that fb has competitors while fb has a monopoly on textchat.
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    Third party apps was restricted since 2014, the abuse happened in 2013-2014 its too old
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