Google collects more data than I could imagine.
So i read an article a few days ago and it absolutely blew me off. It mentioned how google collects your personal data and makes it available to you as well (just to rub it in your face I guess). E.g
1. Visit https://google.com/maps/timeline/ : Collects exactly what it says.
2. Visit https://myactivity.google.com/ :
These people collect everything on your device(at least android)!!!!! Even the time spent on home screen! WTF!!!
3. Visit https://takeout.google.com/ : To download your data archive. Ranges from Google photos to Hangouts and everything in between.

-> All the above require signing in with your gmail account.

So basically, if someone manages to get a hold of your gmail password, they have the power to know everything about you.

Aaaahhhhhhh. Ridiculous.

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    I will try and find the article if you guys wanna give it a read.
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    you can disable most if not all these activities you know.

    the map timeline for my account shows nothing because I don't have that enabled.

    the only thing I have enabled because I need it is Youtube history, so that it learns and recommends better videos to me.
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    @uuid I dont know if it's been "fixed" yet, but in 2017, it came out that Google collects the location data anyway, they just dont show you

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    @uuid I'm the same.

    However, I did notice that when I turned YouTube history back on (that was off too), it decided to reenable a few other things... >:/
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    @gathurian yeah, I read that somewhere too, it indeed sucks.

    @DucksCanCode you do you buddy, the only thing I need from google to be customized to my liking is Youtube videos, nothing else.
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    I actually think in this aspect Google is taking a brave step into coming clean open and transparent about what data they collect.
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    Hello, we’re Google. We do 4FA
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    Guys, it is not about collecting data, is what this data does.

    Google amd kthers have been working on building a world that works on data, we need this.

    But we also need to be sure this data is safe and will be used only for good things.

    We are now acting like scared cockroaches when a light is turned on, the lifht kf data upon us, and we jist don't know how to react so we just tried to shut it off.

    So back to google, go in and disable this shit if you like.

    I like to see where I was last year, I like to be able to find photos with a donut shop in them just by a keyword, I'd like to see more relevant content and ads, i do like machines doing things like remembering for me and if they get to a point where they can also think on things that I don't want to then I will be very happy too.

    We need the data guys, the data is not the problem. The problem is abuse. Let's build a wold were we can trust eachother.
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    If you need to be so concerned then please disable all the Activity Controls already. I've just disabled YouTube and stuff coz it messes up my recommendations.
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    Here you go people : https://thenewsminute.com/article/... The article I was talking about.
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