Just got BUGS list from our Client and fuck- 95% of bugs are not even bugs :|

- No, changing the (not pre-decided) verbiage is not a bug
- Adding two more pages in the app is not a bug (what the fuck :|)
- No, APK file not running in iPhone is not a bug (goddamn :|)
- No, adding these "fuckin new" functionalities is not a bug (seriously ? :/)


Mr "used to be a good coder" PM,

Getting "504 Timeout Gateway" error because Server is temporarily down is NOT a fuckin frontend bug

And No, writing Javascript with a proper design architecture is not a "complicated" way of coding
and fuckin No, Global variables and functions without any architecture don't make the programming "kind of better"

ps: And VB dot net is not a fuckin scripting language, VBScript is.

Thank you,
"buggy average coder"

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    Glad you got that off your chest!
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    Probably the most well-deserved rant I've seen. Project Managers are fucking cancer. They literally know fuck all and just type on an excel sheet about features and reiterate the sprint plan
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    Some times one whiches one could resolve "bugs" with a lead pipe...
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    Haha no3!! Ahh just rename it to .ipa :)
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    And that's when 'technical' people come to not so technical developers
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    Make a script to auto reply to bugs containing status code in Them 👌
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    A true rant.
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    @dfox Give the man a squishy ball! 😉
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    That would surely help 😁
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