Why people in stack overflow are so mean?

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    Link to your question. Otherwise this argument is invalid even though you are speaking truth.
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    I agree though. In my experience, people are extremely aggressive and obnoxious. Members are not nice to new people. It is a toxic environment.
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    Marked as duplicate. Please do some research before ranting.
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    I once asked something related to the inner workings of Racket in regards to creating a small language out of it. Shit was complex, fun...but complex and it got so fucking horribly shitstormed even though I specifically pointed at the things in the docs that I could not understand.

    My error? Asking something I did not understand even though I had the docs. I guess "i am not making sense of this on my own, lemme see if someone can give me some insight" is the wroooooong mentality and one should waste time trying to get it.

    Think about it, bunch of beta males that can't say shit in real life with obvious life frustrations having "power" online.....what could go wrong?

    S.O is a toxic place.
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    @antaeus wasn't aware of that sorry
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    @antaeus they feel like they're so superior
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    In my opinion SO users respect you if you've demonstrated that you've done enough research and thought into your question. Otherwise, no.

    We answer questions for free over there. If we didn't develop a natural animosity towards bullshit RTFM questions that one can find on the first result of Google search, we wouldn't survive the community very long. We would get bogged down by useless noob questions and the good questions won't be visible.

    Harsh as it may be, the unfriendly attitude is what keeps the experts on SO motivated enough to continue answering there. They want to solve complex and meaningful issues. Not provide customer support to newbies.

    Of course there are also noob cunts on SO pretending to know shit but just like to put down people even though their questions are just fine and well researched. Fuck those guys alone. Most other times, a harsh response is usually justified.
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    @AleCx04 You aren't nice person either, insulting whole group of people who are helping devs for free, just because -maybe- you met a few with bad attitude. I'm saying maybe, because most of you don't link your questions here, so for what I know your question (if there was one) could have been low quality.
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    Ask it on stack overflow)
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    @Alice yes that's true. I am saying people are not the same, your mistakes are seen as dump mistakes by another dev, and you see another dev's mistake is a stupid mistake.. The idea is, if you are not helping (by giving a thought, direction, even a small comment) don't mock on someone else questions.

    BTW, I have no bad experience like that, but I hate see people struggling and mocked
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    @arraysstartat1 do you know what general speaking is?
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