Quick recap of my last two weeks: 15 year old production server is basically dead, boss has taken over calls and claims credit for "resolving" outages (even though my coworker and I did the work, but ultimately the traffic died down enough to where it wasn't an issue anymore).

I go to a meeting to plan migration to a better server, boss bitches about not getting invited, I tell him I invited myself, and then he lectures about how that's not our job.

Different boss says we're migrating a schema for an application that should have been decommissioned 5+ years ago to use as a baseline. I explain what's going on, he says he understands, and proceeds to tell higher bosses it's perfect because there will be no user impact. OF COURSE THERE'S NO FRICKING IMPACT, YA DUNCE! there are no users!!!!

I merge two email threads together, since they discuss the same thing, but with different insight, and get yelled at, even though they requested it.

The two bosses I like are OOO for the next week, too, so I'm just sitting here hoping I don't say something that'll get me fired or sent to sensitivity training.

I'm just starting my on call rotation and don't know that I can do this. I cry when my phone rings, now, because I experience physical pain with how hard I cringe.

I got yelled at today by a guy because SOMEONE I DON'T KNOW assigned a ticket to him directly, rather than to the proper team (not his team). So I had to look into that, which at least had the benefit of preventing a catastrophic outage to our customers world wide, but no one will know because I don't brag at work; I'm too busy doing my job as well as most of my division/section/larger team, whatever the hell it's called. I saved us probably 25+ hours of continuous troubleshooting call from noticing something tiny that the people "smarter" than me missed.

**edit: sorry for typos; got my nails done yesterday but they feel like they're a mile long and I have to relearn how to type**

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    Oh god you have been through hell
    *Digital Hugs*
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    @thevariableman thanks. Feels good just to have vented
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    What a nasty firm to work for. You should look for work elsewhere, they'll soon miss you when you are not there to fix the 'small,' stuff that your coworkers missed.
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    @cervantes01 the company itself is actually pretty good. Just my direct supervisors are idiots. Going to call their HR and see if there's anything they can do, even if I'm from a different company.
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    @QueenMorgana get a job offer first so that you can go in there with all of your options open, even if one of them is leaving. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the HR department is there to help you, it isn't. It's there to protect the company. Be strong! Best of luck.
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    @cervantes01 I have enough saved up if necessary, plus not working would give me time to pack and move. I can't get another job until I move, so I'm in a bit of a pickle
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    As bad as it gets it can't last forever. Keep positive and something good will turn up.
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