My Girlfriend broke with me today.

We was in this relationship from two years now. we was doing very good, our relationship was not toxic, no fights, no bad words, zero problems.

One month ago she goes to travel with her evangelical aunt to the beach. Her aunt have lot of money she gets from scamming all that believers. I was happy for my ex-gf because here in out city she was having lot of problems of health, mainly because she was not very mind stable and that degraded her health.

When she goes, her physical and mental health improve a lot. i was happy she is stable now. Her aunt have some Church around the city they go, aunt started to bring her very often to the church. She started to strongly reinforce they God beliefs.

Of course im atheist, she know that from very long time ago. But of course when she started to be more devoted, feels dont fit with me. I refuse to change my mindset about that topic.

Today she says we must broke because im not a believer. This was the most painful experience in my life. I fall in cry for three hours. I truly love her. I recently wakeup and decide to write this rant. I dont have too much friends to talk apart from her. So i wish to share this here.

Im unemployed, she was my only support all this job hunting times. Now she was gone and im alone, this hurts a lot.

Im trying to dont fall deep af, to non return path.

Fuck religion. and her fanatic aunt.

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    Blaming religion because someone is close minded is retarded ngl to ya.

    Just stay focused on trying to find a job and keep your skills sharp. It'll get better
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    @Stuxnet Sorry for that man, just shocked about her reason to broke with me.

    I will try to keep pushing my professional life, i have no more options
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    I feel sorry for you, you deserve better.

    "Today she says we must broke because im not a believer." You seems too smart for her anyway.

    Religion are for suckers anyway.
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    Personally, I don't have anything against any religion unless it somehow negatively affected any person.

    And almost every religion does that to some extent, so fuck it.

    Also, the exact same thing happened to a friend of mine, great girl until she went to church.

    She broke up with him cause "He didn't believe enough in god".

    Honestly, cute girl, fantastic person to talk to, great in general.
    Except the religion.
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    @heyheni As an added bonus, Paracetamol does not only kill pain, but also your liver.
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    @Ranchu That match perfectly with my story. My ex was a great person, but after the church, everything falls deep
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    @Frederick Yeah, i will not change my self for stay with her, i love her, buy i will not cross that line
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    @Fast-Nop thinking about that when reading that hahahaha
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    @halfflat bad luck for me then! i dont drink hahaha
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    @ElPapi42 nah you're good.

    I get everyone is entitled to their own opinion, especially on these matters. I just can't stand seeing people blame the wrong thing.

    But like others said: if she's so closed minded that she can't be with you despite different stances on this subject then you can do better.

    Can never understand people letting politics and stuff like it determining their friendships.
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    @Stuxnet i tell her to not let the relationship be affected by their beliefs. She do that the first two years. But after going to church, everything changed in one month
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    @heyheni rookie mistake: you believed the guardian.
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    I mean... There's no shortage of good girls any time soon. Plenty of fish in the sea, most of whom despite popular belief are not unique. You'll find a better one. Don't worry.
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    @NoMad i know that, but people, relationships and friendships are not clothes :( Love her was my election, i decide to love her, bring the best of me to her. But that was no enough. This was not my fault.

    I truly hope to know other people that values me for what i am, and not for what im not.
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    i was always very lonely, i dropout University and little by little forget about friends because i was thinking her will be enough. Big error, now i feel as the most lonely guy, no friends, no family, just me vs the world, this is hard.

    But i decide i will recover my social life, i will start going out with friends again and restart from zero.
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    @ElPapi42 So sorry to hear what happened, but it's good to focus on friends for a while. Take your time and make sure you process all your emotions before trying another relationship, okay? Honestly, it's alright to let yourself feel hurt as long as you don't let it consume you.

    Sending virtual hugs.
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    FX [ Sad panda. ]

    Another perspective, I could imagine the real reason is because you are unemployed.

    Meanwhile, an important lesson, is to keep your friends, on simple number basis.

    Eg. if you have but one person in your life, and for whatever reason they disappear. (Death for example!) Then are you down to zero.

    If you have a dozen friends, if one of those disappear, you are only down to eleven. :-)

    Hope things improve for you.

    And one wisdom for relationships is, they always tend to end at some point, so plan for that day, but enjoy each day you have with someone as best you can.

    And avoid debt !
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    @Nanos thanks for your words man! i dont she does that because im unemployed, she is unemployed too. But you are right, keep a basis of friendships is important
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    Actually, you can be somewhat lucky because.. just don't date mentally unstable women. Nothing good will ever come out of that.
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    @Fast-Nop Sounds legit
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    I can relate to that, as I really love the person I'm right now and I would do everything for us to stay together.

    To be short, this is the way I think:

    If I really love my girlfriend, I'll do everything to be better for us, and that is mainly being just flexible and moderated.

    For example, about religion: if she likes to go to the church and believes it, why don't I try it too? Being atheist is just like being a believer, just the opposite of a thing no one can prove anything (I'm agnostic and was atheist), so it doesn't make sense to be an atheist if it's about logic. So, that's the first thing that isn't moderated.
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    Besides that, religion is a great thing to make us feel with more confidence and that's why they really believe in it, I suppose, but I can try to give this confidence to my girlfriend, too. This confidence and confort is similar to the one a father is supposed to give: to acknowledge we are human beings and we make mistakes, and we have fears, and we have impulses, and all of that, so, no one is right or wrong and everyone is in the search of the same thing: just to feel good.

    So we essentially have two options: to discover this path together, talking, learning to be calm, learning to teach being calm and talking, etc. Because in a relationship are never only one side right or wrong, but both.
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    @gnog i completely got your point, i try go with her a few times when she was here. Anyways go to that churchs dont change my mind. Im very respectful with their beliefs, i never do nothing against that. But she actually was in the hope i completely accept her mindset as mine, and i refuse to that.
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    Why do we have to be like "I refuse to do that"? Why don't "We can try it together to understand all of that, together"?

    The point is, if we have any feeling that isn't a peaceful feeling, we are probably doing something wrong.
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    Sorry to hear this happened to you. Im also an atheist and honestly fuck religious people. They have the most extreme and close minded opinions on everything -_- at least most of the traditional ones... You can do better. This will hurt for a couple of weeks or maybe months but you'll get over it mate, I promise
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    @Hazarth will do my best for not fall deeper
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    I can relate. I broke up with a perfect programmer girl (if it's a thing) because her lecturer (who was a church leader) had a bad dream about us. I was shaken...really. And I know we could have been perfect. She told me she needs to wait for a sign from God to know of I'm the on or not.

    It's been 3 years since..
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    @bennysway that is heavy man, sorry for that
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    When it comes to relationships I found there are double standards !
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    "Fuck religion"

    Look, man. I feel your frustration, but it's not ok to blame everything on the religions and their believers. That's disrespectful.
    Come on, you, as an atheist, can surely do better than that.

    I, for one, am from a strict Muslim family. I were teached to not marry any non-Muslim girl as a kid.

    I grew up and realised that this isn't fair and became more open-minded about that topic.

    What I want to say by this is that is that this is rather an issue with your ex girlfriend's mindset rather than the believers and of all religions.

    She can fight against it, but she doesn't. Therefore it's her own fault.
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    @Frederick dude, don't be disrespectful
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- Thats going to be a no from me. Sorry.
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    @Frederick well... in that case, that is going to be a "Fuck yourself, too" from me. Sorry
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    Bury yourself in work & study. Apply in 10 places a day. Make it a routine.
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