Me: I've been using ubuntu with i3 for 6 months. Is awesome. Everything works great.
Brain: Have you seen debian or arch linux. They're better than ubuntu. Just try' em
Me: Brain shut up. I don't have time to reinstall everything + I'll 100% fuck my pc up. I'll do it another time.
Brain: Trust me. I know what's better for you. Try it now
Me: No.
Brain: Pleeeeease.
Me: Ok fine.
Me: Now windows doesn't work, debian doesn't work. I need to format my hard drive and do this shit all over again.
Brain: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Hey. Install arch linux.

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    I ended up switching to Manjaro. All the benefits of Arch + better stability.
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    So what you are saying is that you and your brain are two different entities?
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    I personally also settled on Manjaro with xfce as the perfect general purpose flavour of Linux for me. Also use a few specific niche versions for certain tasks, such as an AVLinux Debian partition for live coding performances.
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    @starrynights89 can you replace systemd easily with it? they had a openrc build and it's some other distro now where the frickin installer doesnt work properly

    @Draedus hah ya. been there. took me forever to be cautious when experimenting with distros and such. did it yesterday with freebsd (didnt work, lack of drivers) - dd the few small important boot partitions/sector saves hella time
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    @zlice It seems to me from their Wiki that OpenRC was the only other bootloader they supported and it gave me greif when I tried it. If I really wanted too I'd just start with a custom Arch build and go from there.
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    me: that isn't normal?
    my brain: *whispers* shut up he'll tell the doctor
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    I kinda like your brain
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    Totally me. I remember two years ago I switched thru 13 OSs and distros in a single semester. Thats like one every week
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    @Cyanide Me = conscious . Brain = that voice in my head which pushes me to do great/stupid things. So yeah . I should've done: Conscious / voice in my head dialogue .
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    @gitreflog Something like that :))) .
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