Got a phone call: I got an error, what do I do?
Me: what kind of error?
Her: I closed it.
Me: what did it say?
Her: I don't know, it was a window with "ok" and "cancel"
Me: why didn't you read it?
Her: I don't understand this computer language.

/me dies a little inside.
There is nothing quite as stupid as people who refuse to read their own language as soon as it appears on a screen.
They make those things for a reason.
This happens too often.

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    WAY too often
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    > ahhhhh a popup!
    > the programs broken! whatdo?
    > got to close the popup!
    > phew.

    // an hour later

    > yeah so when are you gonna fix that issue
    > I have no idea what the hell it is so.... ask me again next time it happens

    // next day

    > Damn that same popup!
    > hit X! hit X!!
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    this crap happens so much I usually put remote logging on everything. if a client calls me I don't even ask what the error was I just tell them to click this button and get the log sent to my server
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    in love with your name BTW.
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    My (interim) boss has told us that if people call and don't know the error we can hang up because we don't know the problem.
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    Try doing tech support over the phone for people that do that.
    Of course they don't tell you about the error until they've closed out of it, put the device away, and are driving to their next destination which is 4 hours away.

    You never hear back from them.
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    True that. Sometimes when i code i feel so dejected to type warning/information messages thinking that no one would read it. But have to do it any way.
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    @rant yeah... I usually end up in team viewer. Basically i prefer it. It's way better than to fix it without explaining them. The more you listen the more they have something to tell you about.
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