Since its summer I started a new project and decided to make a Linux app. I started to learn Gtk and when it comes to language there was bunch of options. The most supported one was C but I don't prefer C on GUI apps because of you don't have classes and other things related to OOP(I know there are workarounds for OOP in C but I don't prefer). Then there was Python. Python is great for little sized projects and writing Python is full of pleasure. However when things getting bigger, a language that is more verbose and more declarative is my preference. So I found Vala language. Its syntax is very close to C# and that was a good thing for me since I like C# syntax. Their documentation was also good enough so I started to use it and I enjoyed so much. I have found the language that has good and scalable syntax and furthermore, enjoying to write. But I see Vala is not so popular language besides there is no exact replacement for this language on open source community. I heard that it has a lot of bugs itself and that was the main reason of it but I think this language deserves to be more popular.

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