On a scale of 1-10, how lazy are you when it comes to prototype code?

Me, well I'm a 'fuck it lets just wildcard anything that is a child of a GLib objects'

Don't be like me kids...

EDIT: Yes i know it should have been an override void

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    Depends on the constraints; i once had a project with the constraints of "No DB, no webserver, and it has to be done in 3 months"

    A more robust solution may have presented itself eventually (unix sockets or the like), but for now they're stuck with scripts on a cron job.
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    Lazy? Nah
    I just try 1000x different ways how to do something. My first few tries are propably horrible but they are going to be changed 1000x anyway.

    Also if it works but it it horrible it dosent matter because im going to recode it anyway 1000x
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    What works works.
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