Well after years of programming, I've hit my first runtime error that provides no info , the code fails prior to being able to generate an error so this is fucking fine :-)

And of course, the one time I need stack overflow, it tells you to initialise the class with data... Yet the class doesn't contain a fucking constructor... Smiley face

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    Once I wrote code so horrible that I glitched GCC into a loop to which afterward started generating random characters
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    @Bybit260 ... I'm kind of impressed
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    ldd. I guess you're missing a library. Happened far too many times in my sysadmin days :) both missing libraries and faulty filesystems/missing files (mmap I guess) do cause SIGSEGV, not only direct RAM access out-of-bounds.
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    @lxmcf Yeah, I did something weird with the header files that caused that glitch.

    Also about your rant, you could use strace when running your program to get an idea of what is causing it to crash.
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    @netikras nope for sure have all libraries and its not RAM related, it's so bizarre, the function exists and should output the data, can assign a variable to the required data structure but as soon as I try to populate data.... Boom gone
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    ldd to check you've referenced the correct libraries.

    lldb / gdb to debug.


    Maybe recompile / ggdb or higher to get meaningful stacktraces
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    @IntrusionCM all references are correct unfortunately, seems it may be an SDL2 issue, might see if I can perform the same function using C rather than Vala incase it could be an issue with the transpile of Vala to C .-.
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