The reason I drink a lot of water so that I can go to the washroom more often just to waste time while I'm at work.

I haven't been assigned any work for this week. Maybe I'll get fired. My manager isn't showing any appreciation towards my work.

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    enough time to plan your world travel tour I suppose?
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    @heyheni I have no money bro.
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    Stop thinking about them and just focus on yourself. If you're not happy where you are then start looking sooner rather than later. You're responsible for your career, not your manager. Are you still motivated or are you going through a rough patch?
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    @ymas I'm already looking. Awaiting for job interviews.
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    @error503 good on you. Don't waste your time worrying. If it helps, pretend you're sitting on a train platform and you're waiting for your train. Pay as much attention to the manager as you would to someone walking past in a train station. Your mental health and well being > what some manager thinks of your work.
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    @error503 me neither but if you want something you find ways, if you don't want something you find reasons.

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