The biggest flaw of devRant is down voting is not as simple as up voting. I need to specify the reason for down vote. And those reasons include repost and offensive. This is redundant as there is already an option to report once you open the post. Either make done voting an one click affair or make up voting two click process. There should be uniformity.

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    No there shouldnt. Downvotes and upvotes are handled completely differently.

    Reporting is so dfox and/or trogus sees it can can act on it. Downvotes are for the algorithm. The reason is also algorithm. Downvotes are not always decreasing the upvote count for the account or post.

    Since increment and decrement are there for the same reason but are handled differently you dont want the way it works to change.
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    If you're using devRant on the computer, try devRantron or whatever. It makes the process pretty seamless besides also being a great client.
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    Are you seriously ranting about having to click/tap twice?😂
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    I think it's good that you have to state a reason for downvoting
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    @theNox no I wanna -- without reason because Microsoft :3

    Oh wait. Wrong thread 💀
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    @cursee haha what
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