This whole Microsoft & GitHub thing is how it begins:

1) Embrace
oh it's really cool, Microsoft is adding some cool features we've been missing for a while, GitHub is still great

2) Extend
Alright, there's this new `msgit` that has some really cool features for rebasing and merge conflicts, I won't need to worry about fucking up my git history

3) Extinguish
`msgit` is not compatible with `git` and GitHub requires us to use it, but what can we do, all our code and build triggers are set up..

They are doing the same thing to JavaScript with TypeScript and stopped the development of the Internet for ~10 years...

I don't want to paint dark clouds, but I heard this theory at work and it makes sense that Ms would take it in a direction where people are locked in to their ecosystem. It won't happen immediately, but all signs point to this.


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    the 3e of ms
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    Of course MS want people to get locked in their eco-system. MS did very well in the office sector with its Office suite and now lets get more into the dev-zone. From the business prospective this makes totally sense. So they did right. I'm curious to see how this impacts the configuration management market...but at the end: live goes on
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