StackOverflow knows everything!

One night I asked question on SO first time. So next morning, really excited man, want to see my scores. But result was -3 rating! "F**k!" And urgently deleted my question. But SO gave me `Peer pressure` badge, badge for `Delete own post with score of -3 or lower.`... OMG!

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    hahaha :D congrats on your new badge! i once asked a question about a driver problem on fedora (on superuser stackexchange i think), nobody replied for some time and i received "tumbleweed bagde" for it. stackexchange has a good sense of humor.
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    Didn’t know about these badges!
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    I'd rather chew off a finger than ask on StackOverflow. ...if chewing off fingers actually would solve the dev problem I was having that is...
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