Finally, someone's asking the real questions.

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    Lets sue Santa, he must be evil.
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    Dear Santa. Please remove me from your list. Check twice.
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    Can you ask him to remove you from the naughty list?
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    @-vim- I can now the GDPR laws have kicked in.
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    Maybe this guy is for real and is really worried about not getting any presents this year 😰
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    What gives @santaclauze? 🎅
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    I am above the law you little bitches!
  • 8
    I completely misread the final sentence as "Please assume I've been very naughty," and laughed uproariously.

    Now I'm both:
    - Disappointed that's not what the sentence actually says.
    - Mildly concerned why/how I misread it so... specifically.
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