Why can’t motherfuckers look where they’re going?

Went to the petrol station to put some more air in my tyres.

Some old dude was reversing out of a parking spot and had turned left so was now reversing along th back of the other parked cars.

I pulled into the car park, saw Home reversing and stopped, he was well clear of other cars, but he kept going back, I gave a little toot toot of the horn, but he decided to keep going and hit me.

It’s not the end of the world, and his insurance will cover it, but it will knack my no claims bonus.

Fucking Sunday’s, I shit ‘em

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    I would take the license away from people over 60, they have free fucking public transport and cause so many small accidents because they dont fucking see anymore.

    Yes im salty because some fuckface slammed their door on my car but still.
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    it wont affect your no claims bonus. You are claiming on his insurance, not your own.
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    @sharktits over 60 is a little harsh, but definitely some yearly driving check would be sufficient! Also could generate some jobs 😬
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    @helloworld unfortunately that's not how it works in India :-/
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    Just got off the phone with Direct Line (other insurance companies are available).

    They were very helpful, as I’m not at fault they’ve waved my excess, I get a free hire car equivalent to my Mercedes, and my car will be fixed within 7 days
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    @sharktits Problem comes when you're in small towns. Many don't have good public transportation (in mine, there's a small bus but it only goes short distances and it's like $10 a fucking trip).
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    @vexusia Those people are the worst fuckers on the Earth. I wish we'd start cracking down harder on that bullshit fraud.
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    Aye Mercedes. I work there. We don't have a body shop tho. Gotta go to our sister dealership.
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    Oh and we will put air in your tires for free.
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    some people are simply not made to drive and should just give up on their driving licence...
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    @sharktits damn
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    You have it in perspective. I'd be fuckin pissed off if some oik backed into my Mercedes. It's a point of pride to own a high end vehicle and keep it clean and running well. And it's not like it wasn't preventable. Really, it's stupid shit like this, just showing how others transparently don't give a tinker's cuss about anybody or anything else except for themselves.
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    While I absolutely loathe the idea of adding yet more always-on cameras to the world, they would absolutely be useful sometimes.

    Several years ago I was driving along and saw this guy waiting to turn onto the street I was on. He was in some fancy-ish sporty car, and he looked right at me. We locked eyes for a good second and a half, so I know he knew I was there. He waited until I was almost in front of him, then floored it to get in front of me. Fortunately, I was able to break in time and avoided buying the asshole a new car.

    If I had a dash camera and did hit him, I'd have sent the clip to his insurance company and laughed as he got charged for insurance fraud. I'd then send him blank postcards of his model of car (now ruined) every year or two as a reminder of just how much of a disgusting asshole he was.

    Gah, I can't believe people like that actually exist!
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    I have a dash cam, got t a week or two ago.

    Mainly because of he absolute morons that I often see driving around where I live.

    It came in handy at the weekend, the guys stopped and I got his details etc, wrote his registration number on my phone, but turns out I didn’t save it, luckily it was caught on the dashcam
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    @sharktits Free transport for them has been stopped in Belgium. I bet it'll be ended in more countries. It being free or not doesn't change the fact they should definitely use it though. They have plenty of time. xD
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    @xewl @sharktits I know plenty of people over 60 that can still see and drive just fine, and plenty that haven't retired yet. I would be pretty pissed if I ended up living to 90 without having any serious eye issues but lost my license at 60 because I hit an arbitrary number... What's needed is simply more frequent, possibly more elaborate, tests for the elderly... Some states in the US are already doing that fortunately.
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    @On-fire you might have a perfect eyesight and also a severe case of dementia
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    @sharktits Quite true. However, in many states doctors report patients who are unfit to drive to their DPS/DMV and their license is suspended/revoked... This is a far more accurate and fair way of doing it as it can catch people who have very early and severe symptoms, and it won't penalize people who don't have issues until later.

    A person's freedom should never be taken without actual cause. Once someone proves they can drive, they should be able to do so until that is no longer the case. And areas that have a lot of people that shouldn't be driving still on the road should tighten their rules about that, not put an arbitrary age limit.
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