well maybe not node itself, but those node js so-called "professional node developers"

WHO THE FUCK thought it was a good idea to pass about EVERY SINGLE ARGUMENT as a global variable so absolutely no code insights are available, eslint with THEIR eslintrc shows ABOUT ONE MILLION DIFFERENT LINTER WARNING and on top they commited the node_modules folder


I'm out.

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    Btw not long ago the creator of NodeJS also said NodeJS kind of sucks in some ways and released a successor based on TypeScript.
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    Excuse you, the politically correct term is "Node Ninja" 😍👌

    I'm usually defending JS but I can definitely agree with this. A lot of JS devs are new to the language but think they have it mastered, very few I've talked to even know the "let" keyword exists (BUT LIKE WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU USE VAR EVERYWHERE THAT'S OBVIOUSLY WRONG?!!!!!) or that arrow functions are a thing (pls stop with the function() { }). The Typescript community is much better, just wish JS linters penalized use of var when let should be used.
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    @woodworks Agreed! I use typescript for nearly everything where i need to use JS. But this codebase was horrible.. even for regular js repos!
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    @gitreflog there needs to be a `git shame` command
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