Dear developers, stop putting comments in the code explaining what your code do, if your code isn't readable then you're a bad coder.
Sincerely every other that's going to read your code after

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    Well, this is a stupid rant.
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    Frontend mostly is readable.

    I'm curious about your assembler w/o comments
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    OP has obviously not worked with other devs before.
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    You could not be further from reality if you tried.
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    I'm not saying that comments are bad I'm just saying make them useful, for Buisness stuff put it in a wiki page. Nobody wants to see comments like this :
    //Getting object from database
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    @numb3rs This rant is a trainwreck. Your third word was "stop." There are no instances of "useful," "better," "improve," etc. in your rant; it literally tells other developers to stop commenting their code altogether. This is a bad thing. Furthermore, a wiki is absolutely not the place to document code -- any such comments are substantially less likely to get updated there, meaning this practice strongly encourages divergence between documentation and function due to the added workload required to maintain it.

    So no, this is terrible advice and it should be followed by no one.

    Please refer back to your third word.
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    @Root thanks for writing down my thoughts lol
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    @Linux thanks for the tag.

    @root basically said it all.

    @numb3rs there's a HUGE difference between readable code and good code. any code can be made readable, but it's not always the most performant.

    Besides that not everyone has the time to dilly-dally on reading every fucking line in a function tens or hundreds of lines long.

    A simple, well put comment can describe it way easier saving alot of time for any devs that have to work on the project after you. Even if your code is readable.

    So get off your high horse and start adding comments.

    Sincerely every other that's going to read your code after.
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    Well, you said it
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