Switched from Chrome to Vivaldi. Gotta say experience is much more pleasant. Interface is beautiful and customizable to my liking and not such whether I'm imagining it but my laptop battery seems to drain much less

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    Vivaldi has, by far, the best tab handling of any browser I've ever used. Hit F2, and you get a list of your tabs that you can filter in realtime, as you type. It was this functionality that made me start the search that ended with finding rofi, for filtering windows in X.
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    I haven't really paid attention to it myself but apart from the battery drain, in comparison to Chrome, I've generally found Vivaldi to:

    - crap out less for absolutely no reason;
    - freeze up less or have tabs become unresponsive less (or should I say - not at all);
    - require me to clear out my browser caches less often (or should I say - never);

    And I use the same amount of extensions(like 6 different ad blockers and antitrackers) and frequent the same couple of sites. I'm also not a tab hoarder and usually have no more than 10 tabs open.
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    Welcome to the cool side of the force 😁
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