My personal phone is my test phone. How cool is that? Not. Cool.

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    Well, budget.
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    Tell them you need a test device before you can do anything, and telling you to use your own isnt an option
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    Well after a while of compiling stuff on it and exhausting it's components it'll be the opposite :

    your testing device will be your personal device and you really don't want that (To whomever said this)
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    @Cyanide they have budget really. But I doubt they'll give me one. Or they might give me one, a crappy one. 😂
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    @CrashOverride I know right.
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    @ahmednader hahaha right!
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    Ask for one, if denied, start printing books in exchange.
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    @azous lol
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    @deight I'm not totally joking 😛

    They make money renting your phone for free.
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    @azous oh yeah that's true. Hahaha. I'll try tomorrow 😁
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