I've had it with these automatic updates that I didn't ask for, especially when I'm trying to switch my machine off!
How about asking me first if I want that damn update?
Why do they have to be shoved down my throat?!

That's it! I'm switching my OS!

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    I've in my studies of technical works found the reason for automatic forced updates... People are fucking lazy and it makes the entire web less secure
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    Leave Ubuntu but stay with Linux.
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    You mean distro.
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    I bet it asked you whether you want unattended upgrades or not.
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    Let’s be real. Without auto updates we’ll forget. And forgetting to update leads to bugs and vulnerabilities. Don’t give your system bugs and vulnerabilities; put up with the auto updates.
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    And why does an occasional longer shutdown time matter that much? You are not going to use the machine when you want to shut it down.
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    This was a joke. Sarcasm. I got annoying updates when trying to shut down to switch some hardware. But while most cry about Windows updates, most comments here are supportive.
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    @FelisPhasma For most responsible people, a prominent system tray icon should be a sufficient reminder, especially when it doesn't hide behind a collapsed system tray area.
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    It's funny how when this kind of post is about Windows everyone bashes it but when it's Ubuntu everyone is like hey it's necessary, it makes everything more secure.
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