People on github opening issues saying shit like "aye, your extension crashes. Please fix or I'll uninstall. Thanks.". How am I supposed to fix an error I know nothing about? Error message? Extension list? Stack trace? Steps to reproduce? Nope. Nothing.

Don't be like this, please.

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    This is actually the worst. This is making me angry
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    filthycoding: "Go fuck yourself for not providing more info."
    #126 closed by filthycoding
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    I second what @filthyranter said.

    Write a simple issue template and who doesn't follow, simply answer the reason and close the motherfucker.

    No need to stress over such things, said by someone who stresses about anything.
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    Welcome to managing an open source project. Don’t let it eat you up!
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    Tbh if people contact me with an issue they need to provide me proof or I won't even look into it.

    If you can't properly report an issue you don't deserve my time
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    That Person does not deserve your help ... and even more. that person did not understand what open source is. You want support you can treat like shit? great, so somewhere where you can trow your money down the throat of some company...

    ignore those and carry on :-)
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