Feeling absolutely drained.......
My job is sucking my soul, want to apply for a PhD but procastination has engulfed me.... It's like being at the bottom of a deep ditch with very smooth walls; while it is comfortable for now, there is no escape and no scope for improvement.
Need some serious courage to figure out a way to escape...

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    hang in there. i'm sure it cannot get any worse so it will definitely get better.
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    Working 9-5 won't cut it if you wanna move up. Yes 9-5 is draining but that's average and you're gonna have to put in the work and be better than average to take your career to the next level. (not over time but like side hustle stuff)
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    @dirak I wish I was working 9to5. It's more like 8am to 11pm most days.
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